How to Build a

39 Activities to a Healthier & Happier Marriage

Angelo and TJ Haygood

Angelo and TJ Haygood have been married for well over 39 years and are excited to share their journey with others. For nearly 26 years, Angelo was blessed to serve as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and currently works as a senior leader for the U.S. Space Force. Throughout his career, he allowed himself to be used by God as a Bible school teacher, education director, and local congregational leader.

For over 20 years, TJ was a highly successful executive recruiter, corporate leader, and eventually the CEO of her own award-winning recruiting company. Currently, TJ runs her travel agency while helping other business leaders and individuals start their own travel businesses. TJ also dedicates her time as a Christian mentor and national Christian women’s speaker. Since they were seniors in college at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCATSU) in Greensboro, NC, they have been navigating the turbulent twists and turns of married life.

For more than 25 years as a military family, they moved from coast to coast and overseas, and they often found themselves needing assistance with various challenges of married life. With the desire to do whatever it took to honor and please God and save their marriage, they sought out wise counsel from older and more mature married couples, attended marriage seminars, engaged with marriage counselors, and prayed together with fellow Christians. They hope that How to Build a Successful Marriage will provide assistance couples need to grow a happier and healthier marriage.

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