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Reading books on having a happy marriage will inspire married couples to invest in their relationship and help them weather the difficult times together.

Angelo and TJ Haygood, authors of How to Build a Successful Marriage, know marriage isn’t always easy. Having been married to each other for well over 39 years, they both know the ups and downs that their relationship has gone through and upcoming challenges heading their way. They also know that they will need one another to love and hold ’til the end, so they have some books for a happy marriage listed for her today.

Join us as we check out these books and learn from them so that we may keep our relationship with our significant other healthy.

Angelo and TJ Haygood’s How to Build a Successful Marriage

Drawing on their 39-year journey together, Angelo and TJ Haygood have written a book titled How to Build a Successful Marriage. The book contains 39 exercises intended to foster closeness, improve communication, and deepen a couple’s understanding of each other. It offers creative answers to typical relationship problems, making it appropriate for newlyweds and veteran couples.

Additionally, the guide offers advice for single people on building relationships based on respect, understanding, and compatibility. It also goes beyond the years, and bears witness to their unwavering love, offering a clear path forward for contemporary partnerships.

Nate Kemp, PhD, and Kaley Klemp’s The 80/80 Marriage

If you’re interested in systems and procedures and want a simpler approach to marriage, think about the 80/80 model. Written by married individuals, they contend that in order to create the strongest connection possible, every couple ought to contribute 80%. How does that eighty percent appear to you? You’ll need to read it to find out!

Emily Cook, PhD, LCMFT’s The Marriage Counseling Workbook

This workbook is a thorough resource that offers incredibly accurate guidance, even if it can’t fully replace the experience of seeing a counselor in person. This workbook rebuilds your relationship with your spouse by utilizing activities and real-world marriage counseling session examples. If quizzes are your cup of tea, there are even some of them!

Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages

It’s possible that you already know about the five love languages that are quite popular today. The Five Love Languages are receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time. But are you aware of how much they’ve actually gained such an impact on the people?

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is the main driving force that made the love languages phenomenon rise to mainstream stardom. What the book offers is a deep dive into the manners by which different individuals show their love and how they want to receive it in return. This will absolutely help any couple understand their significant others better and make them foster a healthier and happier relationship.

However, it’s important to note that books on having a happy marriage can only do so much. All the work done on the books for a happy marriage won’t resolve all the challenges and issues a married couple faces. They will still have to be committed to resolving their dilemmas, work together, and love each other to make things work.

If the couple notices that even the best marriage books aren’t working out for them, couples therapy or marriage counseling is always an option.

Gina Senarighi, PhD, CPC’s Love More, Fight Less

Fights are inevitable, no matter how well-matched you and your partner are. And occasionally, things will go very awful, like awful days when you don’t talk to each other. However, don’t lose hope—you can get through this difficult time. This workbook is jam-packed with exercises and conversation starters that will assist you become more at ease while discussing even the most delicate subjects.

Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey’s The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages

Do you know what the “joy gap” is? If it grows too long, the duration between happy times might lead to issues, particularly in a marriage. However, what specific steps can a couple take to intentionally practice joy? Start by reading this book!

Every chapter contains fifteen-minute activities designed to increase happiness and train your brain to look for happiness more often rather than only occasionally.

Talia and Allen Wagner, LMFT’s Married Roommates

Anyone who has been residing in that murky area where they are effectively married roommates should read this book. This article offers helpful strategies for creating a more fulfilling and exciting life together. Whether your marriage involves little to no physical intimacy or you’re simply feeling down and nervous about it, this book can help spark intimacy once more.

Choose One of These Books on Having a Happy Marriage and Improve Your Married Life Today

This one goes out to you, our dear reader. We wish you well on your married journey together with your significant other. May the books for a happy marriage we presented here help both of you live your best lives together!

If there’s one book we suggest getting, it’s Angelo and TJ Haygood’s How to Build a Successful Marriage. Grab a copy of the book today and start voyaging life’s vast sea toward the horizon of happiness with your spouse! Don’t forget to check out some of our other blogs and learn how to treat your spouse right!

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