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Learning how to treat your spouse right is essential to developing a successful and healthy marriage with the person you love.

Angelo and TJ Haygood, authors of How to Build a Successful Marriage: 39 Activities to a Healthier & Happier Marriage, aim to share helpful tips to aid others in creating a happy and successful marriage. Marriage is beautiful, and just like anything beautiful and worthwhile, marriage requires hard work, commitment, and love. Those who prioritize their marriage and treat their spouses right are already following a good path.

But there are some ways that’ll improve their approach and lead to better results. Today, we’d like to share things that women and men need in their marriages and how each partner can give what each other needs.

What Do Women Need in Their Marriages and Husbands?

Are you aware of what a woman needs most of all? It’s to know that their husbands value them and that she is important. Husbands who make their wives feel valued will guarantee a higher chance of having a successful marriage.

Other things that women need in a marriage are:

1. Wives Need Physical Affection

Husbands should hold their wives often. This is completely different from being sexually intimate, however. There are times when women simply want to be near the man they love (like physically close), or they just want to be held tenderly and lovingly.

2. Wives Need to Feel as if They’re Number One

Wives should have the impression that their lives are the most significant priority for their husbands. Sure, the company husbands are working for is essential, but the wives should be more valuable. Husbands should make their wives feel they are their number one priority.

3. Wives Need to Feel Free to Aid Their Husbands

It’s important for wives to be able to help their husbands and contribute to the things that are meaningful for their spouses. Sadly, many wives can’t do this because there are husbands out there who make their wives fear anger and retaliation. Husbands should team up with their wives and let them freely provide help whenever necessary.

A thing to remember about how to treat your spouse right is that both sides must always be willing to play as a team. Angelo and TJ Haygood’s How to Build a Successful Marriage: 39 Activities to a Healthier & Happier Marriage talks in great detail in their book on how to be a team. They’ll show you the keys to a successful marriage and how to make it last.

What Do Men Need in Their Marriages and Wives?

What, then, do men desire? It’s as what Aretha Franklin once sang: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. While this may be risky for some ladies, despite making mistakes, most men aspire to be respected highly and viewed as heroes by their wives.

Men require and desire their partners to have faith in them, particularly after they have endured seventy hours of labor to build that startup. And because their spouses provide so much validation and acceptance, women are in control.

Here are other things men need in their marriages:

1. Husbands Need Respect from Their Wives by Letting Them Be a Man

If a wife accepts her Joe to “be” whomever he was meant to be, without trying to change him and leaves him to be Joe without nagging him and without compromising his manliness, Joe will give up the remote control that gets stuck on ESPN, step out of their “man cave” more frequently, give you his heart, and interact with you on an emotional level.

2. Honor Him by Developing Fully as a Person

What could be more appealing to a man than a lady who exudes happiness and joy? It empowers males and spreads easily. Reaching a joyful place also implies that you had to go through some healing and growth. This may have involved letting go of guilt, despair, rage, grief, and fear.

But now that you’re here, you deserve a responsible, emotionally stable man to both have long and prospering lives.

3. Establish a Safe Environment so Candid Conversations About Emotions Can Occur

A woman ready to risk continuing to appreciate her guy despite his primitive tendencies will eventually see him show her in his heart what he is capable of and eager to change. Respect is the starting point for these kinds of chats, and a shrewd wife will give it regularly to support her husband and create the atmosphere for these kinds of close exchanges.

Discover How to Treat Your Spouse Right

Nothing beats a wonderful life of marriage full of happiness with your spouse. Angelo and TJ Haygood’s How to Build a Successful Marriage: 39 Activities to a Healthier & Happier Marriage can greatly help your marriage goals.

Grab a copy of their book today, and if you want to learn more about the book, click here to read more!

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